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About us

Why choose BTFX?

Like everyone I always had the dream of becoming financially free at an early age by earning a good amount of money to carry on in life and I never wanted to work a 9 to 5 for the rest of my life as that's like a prison in my opinion, and it wouldn't bring me the wealth I wanted nor the satisfaction of true accomplishment.

Therefore after many ups and downs here I am, after 3 years in the forex market I'm finally a consistent and a profitable trader and I never imagined that I would have such luck in my destiny for having taken the path in this industry. And after all these years I feel ready to help other individuals on learning how to trade properly by using my simple and unique techniques and strategies that I have carefully backtested over and over again. I'm here today with the true purpose to help people and provide a high-quality educational platform that can help even a novice that just started. 

Our story

What makes us different?

It took years for me to backtest my trading style and to implement it and refine it at its best allowing me to become consistently profitable, and when I first started I had to purchase several courses as every course has different content and strategies, and it cost me a fortune to learn properly how to become apart of the 10% that are successful, and most of the courses out there are seriously overpriced and expensive for the average disposable income an ordinary person can afford, and that's why Black Trading Forex has been created! Where I have pooled and combined all my knowledge in this industry to create a unique way of trading, by giving everyone the opportunity to get just the best parts of what I learnt along in my journey. I can't wait for you to join us and take your first step to success and join us by learning our skills and trading at the same time!


Our message for you.

Don't stop chasing your dreams, when I first had my dream and my goal I was always short of ideas about how to achieve those targets, and over time I understood that everything requires hard work and sacrifices, being successful doesn't necessarily mean having loads of money, fancy cars or designers accessories and clothes like everyone shows, but obviously those are great things in their own way, but the true meaning of being successful and get your own freedom is owning your own life without depending from others by becoming a slave for money. You might be asking yourself what I mean with that, but imagine you working for your entire life 9 to 5 for 5 days a week for a company that is not even yours; would you really call this freedom? Having to ask permission to have some time off and enjoy a day with your family.. where you have to accept even if they say no? In my opinion this is just a modern day slavery or prison.
Therefore I'm here to tell you that you shouldn't stop chasing your dreams even if the majority will decline what you're doing, trust me when I say this as this was what I received back when I was a novice in this industry, I had to start my journey alone and accept the ups and downs, unfortunately is rare to have someone with you in a new journey if your mindset is not the ordinary mindset. If you want to achieve your targets do that even if you're alone, don't let anyone stop you!
After all these years, I believe that learning this skill and investing in myself was the best decision I have ever took in my life, and now is time to get back to work and teach you guys how to do what I did! See you on the other side.


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