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  • What is the foreign exchange market?
    The foreign exchange market, also called FX or Forex, is a global market for the simultaneos buying and selling of currencies. The forex market is the world's most actively traded market, with an avarage of $6.6 trillion runnin through the market every single day.
  • What services do you provide?
    Please click HEREand you will be redirected to our home page where we listed the different services that are provided by us!
  • Do you offer free trials for your private group?
    Yes, if you wish to get a free trial first then you're more than free to do so! All you have to do is join and actively trade on one of our partnered brokers! The minimum deposit is ($/£/€) 300 and you must be aged above 18, and you will get 2 months completely for free which are worth +£100. If you deposit over ($/£/€) 500 then you will get 3 months for free which are worth +£150. The brokers that we offer are different, and depending on your budget and your country of residence we can tell you which broker is available for you. For more info please contact our support team on Telegram by clicking HERE.
  • Do you send signals on your private group?
    Rather than signals we focus more on the educational side for every set up that is shared, in fact for every trade that we share we send: - A detailed analysis. - In depth description & confrimation checklist. - Weekly video analysis. - Live updates on every trade. - Entries, take profits and stop losses.
  • How many trades are shared on a weekly basis?
    Our motto is QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! Therefore we send around 1/3 trades on a daily basis depending on the market condition, and on a weekly basis we send on avarage 10/15 trades, and all of the trades we share are always quality trades with plentiful targets! We don't tolerate over trading as that's bad for our accounts and it goes against our risk management.
  • How many pips are caught weekly/monthly?
    On a monthly basis our goal is to catch around 1500/2000 pips on avarage.
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