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Do you have enough experience in the markets? 

If not there is nothing to worry about!

Let the experts do the job for you and find out what's included in our Elite Group!

The Elite group is subject to monthly fees,

however you can join completely for FREE

with a Free Trial! Press below for more info.

Weekly Updates

Every weekend our head trader shares an in-depth video analysis in the private group by doing a full market breakdown on the different pairs he looks at by letting you learn and understand our chart forecast with detailed explanations.

Once the different pairs show to our head trader the confirmations he looks for and they meet the requirements and the confluences, an update will be always sent in the private group with the entry and the potential targets. Both videos and updates are rich in value and will help a lot of you to get a deeper understanding of the market and implement our strategy and technique for yourself.


Every trade that is shared in the private group comes with a full breakdown and this includes in-depth analysis, detailed explanation, risk level and potential entry and targets. 

You will usually get around 1/3 trades on a daily basis, therefore around 10/15 high-quality trades on a weekly basis, we don't like over trading by sending loads of trades each day, rather than that we prefer sending high-quality setups with higher targets and better R:R (reward to ratio), and we usually keep our R:R always above 1:3, but most of our trades are between 1:5 to 1:10 or even more! We aim to catch around 1500/2000 pips every month. Be aware that this does not constitute investment advice. 

24/7 Live Support

Enjoy our great and expert support team that will help you through any kind of help you may need that is related to our private community! If you don't have experience with the tools you'll have to use or you're unsure about anything else, we will be here to support you and find the best solution to solve your issue. The support team is available on telegram 24/7 to make sure that everyone gets the best service possible without late replies.

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