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In this course, we provide each one of our traders a complete breakdown of what it takes to become successful within this industry.

This can be an ideal course for a novice or a professional.

The course is structured over multiple live calls with our Professional Technical Analyst, and this will give you the opportunity to get direct interaction with the teacher.

Here are are the things you will learn much more about: 

What is the Forex Market? 

These are going to be the first steps where you’ll discover what is the forex market and how you can benefit from it if you invest your time and money. This is the beginning of the journey, sit tight and enjoy! Be serious about it and you will see some astonishing results over time! 

Techniques & Strategies  

You will discover all the most successful techniques & strategies that I have personally tested and managed to pick out very carefully. These will help you refine your current trading into something much more detailed. This will ensure you avoid the mistakes that most beginners seem to keep making, this is the most important thing to keep in mind when trying to accelerate your growth as a trader. 

Technical Analysis

This is the analysis we are mainly going to focus on, where we study the historical price action in order to predict the future movements on the markets and turn a profit! It sounds pretty complicated we understand. We are here to make it much easier for you! 

Price Action

You will discover one of the most successful things ways of trading; Price action Trading, which is the most refined and complex way to trade and tackle the financial markets. We will make sure you become an expert in this field.

Risk management

“Protect your capital, and you will succeed”, is our daily affirmation. And you will be fully trained and equipped to manage your risk effectively and trade your capital all the time. We believe 60-70% of Trading is risk management. And you will become part of the successful 10%.

Maximise Profits & Minimise Losses

With our impeccable risk management, you will be able to minimise your losses and with the help of our strategies and techniques you will be able to maximise your profits, and this will make you a consistent trader without major weaknesses. 

Full Support & Mentorship

You will get full support along with your journey and we will mentor you by giving you the best advice you could possibly receive. This is included after the course ends as well! We will do short tests so we can find your weaknesses and overcome them together. We have helped many people obliterate bad habits they have struggled with in the past and we will continue to do so!

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