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Affiliate introduction & Terms of use

Over here you will find all the information you need about how everything works and the different rules you need to follow and the deals available for you.

As explained previously, you are going to be apart of the marketing team where the main role is to bringing clients that are interested to invest in the Forex market and learn from us how to be successful in this so complicated and popular industry!

All the clients are going to get several benefits and a free trial in our private group which usually is a paid service, however as they are going to register with our broker they will get the free access for a limited time.

What is a broker?

The broker is the online platform where the clients are going to make their investment by depositing their capital, and thanks to the broker they will be able to trade in the markets by buying and selling the different currency pairs.

Making the deposit in the broker doesn't mean that the clients are making a payment, instead they are depositing the required amount just to trade, and that capital can be withdrawn if the client wants to do so.

Available brokers

- Vantage FX

The brokers we use are fully regulated from trustworthy regulator bodies, therefore the capital deposited with them is fully secure and safe. In addition to this our brokers are high quality brokers with competitive spreads and great customer service! For more info about them feel free to contact us.

Clients Benefits

As specified previously all the clients will get the access to our Elite community completely for free with under the free trial program.

Affiliates Benefits

Over here you will find the different benefits and the deals we have for you!

After 5 clients referred you will get the access to our private group for free till you work with us! So you'll be able to learn from us and check all the trades we take in our accounts as well.

If you bring us other affiliates that are going to bring us clients and join the marketing team, you will get a bonus payment of $200 after the affiliate you brought brings at least 5 clients.

For each clients you bring you will get a fixed commission mainly based on the amount the client invests, and you will find all the details below.


Vantage FX

For Vantage FX is recommended to get the Swap Free Raw Enc (islamic) account to get lower spreads. If a client has an existent account with Vantage FX, then please ask them if they opened the account by using someone else's referral link, if they did then they have to re-deposit $3000 or they will have to register by using a new identity (such as a close family member or a friend). If they did not someone else's referral link, then redirect them to our support team at and they will take care of him!

  • Available Countries: All.

  • Link to send to the clients:

  • Requirement to unlock the commission: The clients must be active and trade a minimum of 2 lot size and open a minimum of 40+ trades during their first month (which are around at least 2 trades by using 0.03 lot size per day during the first 4 weeks), so this means that if a client opens just 2 trades with 0.50 lot size to reach the 1 lot, that's not valid, and if a client opens 40 trades but he does not reach the 1 lot, that's not valid. If anything is unclear feel free to ask!


If someone deposits in a different currency and not in USD, you can let them deposit the amount that is equal to the currency that the client is willing to deposit. If for example $600 (USD) are equal to £545 (GBP), please let the client deposit £570 (GBP) to make sure that the deposit does not go below $600 due to currency exchange fees etc. Another example could be that a client wants to deposit $1000, and this amount is equal to €1246 (EUR), then is better to deposit €1275/€1300.


Once the client registered and deposited successfully, tell them to send the following details to our support team on telegram (

  • Full name on the account:

  • Email address used for the registration:

  • Mt4/Mt5 account number:

  • Screenshot of the deposit:

  • Name of the affiliate that referred him/her:

You should save this data as well in case we need to double check the information in order to pay you.

Deposit: $300 - $399

Commission: $125

Deposit: $400 - $599

Commission: $200

Deposit: $600 - Max

Commission: $300


All the payments are processed the 28th of each month! You will have to send us an invoice at with the correct names, date and amount, and once this is fulfilled we will send you the payment straight away. All the traders need to fulfill the requirements in order to unlock the commission. If the client fails to fulfill the requirement within the first month, the commission of that client will be processed the month after the client manages to fulfill the requirement. 

The reason why we pay monthly is because the brokers carefully check the clients that are sent to them, to check their activity and make sure that they are serious and active investors, and we need to get paid first form the broker in order to pay you. There could be rare circumstances where there are issues related to the clients you bring to us and this could lead to delayed payments.

Important Rules & Terms

We want to make sure that the information you share with the clients are always true information about our services, if you're unsure about what information to share please contact us and we will help you. Please avoid to share something that you are unsure about.

Is really important to avoid promising profits and say things such as: "You will make guaranteed profits" - "Your money is risk free" etc. The reality is different, investments will be always extremely risky, especially in the forex market where the risks are even higher! Therefore is completely forbidden to do this to convince the client to join us.

Something you could tell is: With us the risk will always be a fixed amount, in fact we never risk over 2% per trade, therefore our accounts are much safer thanks to our risk management as we're never going to risk a huge amount of our capital!

Is also important that you don't say that we offer investment advice, because we don't offer that, instead we have a kind of our personal trading journal, where we share the actions we take in our accounts with the different trading opportunities by sharing a lot of useful knowledge that can be used to improve the trading skills.

We might ask the clients what information has been shared with them in order to double check that everything has been done properly.

The clients you bring must be serious investors that are willing to stay in this industry for the long term, if not, they must stay with the broker without withdrawing their first deposit amount at least till the expiry of their membership; if any client withdraws the funds before the end of their membership, then this will lead to decrease heavily your quality as an affiliate. Profits can be withdrawn without any issues, but is important that the client does not take out the first deposit amount during his free trial period. It's also important that the clients actively trades on their live account created with the broker, this is extremely important as this will increase our clients quality with the broker and the broker pays only for serious and active clients.

We have the power to refuse clients if we notice fraudulent activities such as sending spam clients to be compensated with the commission. You cannot register yourself in order to get the commission.


There could be rare circumstances where due to issues related to the brokers; for example if they terminate the partnership with us, or they claim that some clients are fraud, we do not get paid, and this will result that your commission won't be paid.
We will terminate our partnership with you immediately if we notice that you run fraudulent activities, you don't follow our rules or you breach our terms and conditions.

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